The NOAA Fisheries Integrated Toolbox (NOAA FIT) is an interdisciplinary, web-based portal of operational tools that can be used for a variety of applications, including stock assessment modeling, forecasting, and data preparation for fish and protected species, as well as economic and ecosystem modeling. This web portal facilitates easier sharing and comparison of analytical tools (including ensemble modeling, model averaging, model coupling, and shared visualization). The NOAA FIT hosts a variety of operational tools developed by NOAA scientists and programmers, as well as those developed in collaboration with, and exclusively by external developers. The NOAA FIT is maintained by the National Modeling Team in NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology. The National Modeling Team supports scientists, developers, and users to facilitate accessibility and efficient usage of software and tools. The NOAA FIT also provides resources for developers and users of the tools to ensure best practices and ease of use.

Contact the toolbox team for more information on tool development and usage.