Soliciting Abstracts for AFS 2021

We invite your participation in several symposia that may be of interest to you for the upcoming American Fisheries Society 151st Annual Meeting, November 6-10 2021. If you are interested in providing an oral or poster presentation for any of these sessions, abstracts must be submitted via the meeting website by August 16th, 2021.

If you do end up submitting an abstract, can we kindly suggest that you also send the info directly to the symposia organizers. Please distribute this information widely to colleagues and students who may be interested in participating.

More information about the following symposia can be found here, or by contacting the organizers listed below.

Addressing Data Standards and Integration into Stock Assessments from Non-traditional Sources

For this symposia, we solicit perspectives and state or federal case studies on effective practices that enabled the incorporation of new data types into stock assessments. Non-traditional data sources of interest include cooperative research, citizen science, electronic monitoring and reporting, and uncrewed systems and other advanced technologies. Papers are welcome with focus on the following topics:

  • Collaborative project/survey design to ensure data usability
  • Calibration and comparison of traditional and new data sets
  • Issues that have triggered data being excluded from an assessment (and how that those challenges were overcome)
  • Effective ways to facilitate inclusion of new data sources

For questions, please contact the organizers:,,

Observational Void: Missing Data in Monitoring Programs and its Impact on Fishery Stock Assessment and Management

We welcome a range of papers that review common causes and types of missing data in your resource monitoring programs, as well as assessment-based approaches to dealing with missing data:

  • Types of missing data that have a relatively larger impact on assessments
  • Influence of frequency and duration of missing data on assessments
  • Review of a variety of methods that deal with missing data in stock assessment

We look forward to discussing how the experience of missing data helps us rethink and improve future data collection procedures, as well as opportunities and challenges in developing new techniques that can address missing data in fisheries stock assessment and management.

For questions, please contact the organizers:,,,,,

Growing Fisheries Research and Management Through Angler Engagement

We are soliciting perspectives and case studies that bring anglers and scientists together to learn how these types of relationships get set up, what science emerges from them, and what is needed to make them thrive. An important outcome of this symposium will be a better understanding of the best practices that are necessary to achieve long-term angler engagement. Consistent with our theme of engaging anglers, we are also proposing to recruit anglers to this symposium, thereby providing a unique opportunity to put these ideas into practice. The conference is intended to be a hybrid of in-person and virtual participation, which will make it more accessible to anglers everywhere.

For questions, please contact the organizers:, Sean Simmons (Anglers Atlas), Paul Venturelli (Ball State University), Sean Landsman (Carleton University), Julia Byrd (South Atlantic Fishery Management Council)