Since the NSAW/MARVLS meeting has been postponed, the associate Git training will be offered as a virtual version of the course (shorter, and less hands on).

When: April 28th, 1PM - 3PM EDT Where: Online as a webinar

This webinar will provide a high-level overview of how to access, share, and collaborate on code using git and Github. We will walk through what git and Github are, show you how to set up a git environment on your local machine, and cover use of git through the terminal, Github Desktop, and RStudio. Next, we will cover authentication and how to comply with NOAA’s Github policy. The majority of the training will cover basic git workflows, including how to clone, commit, pull and push from a repository, and collaborative workflows for software development and project management on Github. Finally, we will show how to quickly set up a personal website. The training will move fairly quickly because of the limited time frame, but we will be providing additional “office hour” time afterwards to help participants troubleshoot and try out example workflows with assistance.