GIT Training at NSAW

Chrsitine Stawitz, a member of the NSAP National Modeling Team, will be offering a Git/Github training on April 20, 2020 in coordination with this year’s National Stock Assessment Workshop (NSAW) in Providence, RI. The training will be tailored to participants based on their current level of experience with Git and Github.


  • Introduction, terminology, and benefits of git and Github
  • Local git setup and alternative ways to use git (within IDE, Desktop)
  • Your Github account, authentication, and the NOAA Github policy
  • Basic git workflow (clones, commits, pulls, and pushes)
  • Best practices for collaborative software development using git and Github (issues, forks, branches, and pull requests)
  • How to handle merge conflicts
  • Using Github to publish websites and slides

More Information can be found on our resources page