NOAA FIT Technical Meetings

NOTE: Tech meetings have been paused beginning in January 2022 until further notice

NOAA Fisheries Integrated Toolbox (NOAA FIT) will hold monthly meetings which encompass information and work that falls under technical aspects of the toolbox and will now be called the NOAA FIT Technical Meeting. Those involved in the development of tools, models, and resources related to any of the “drawers” of the toolbox are invited to attend. For those that have also been attending the monthly NOAA FIT Steering Committee meetings, note that we will keep the steering committee meetings generally more focused on the planning and implementation of the toolboxes so as to more clearly differentiate these meetings.

Each month the NOAA FIT Technical meeting will be focused on a technical topic, such as algorithms, cloud computing, user interface, programming conventions.. etc. At the bottom of the agenda, there will be a space for everyone to add ideas for future meetings.

Recordings from past NOAA FIT Tech meetings can be viewed by NOAA employees here.

FIT Tech meetings take place from 3-4pm ET on the second Thursday of every month. To view upcoming Tech meetings and add them to your calendar, see the FIT Calendar.

Meeting Overview

The meeting will begin with a ten-minute overview of the topic. This overview will initially be provided by a member of the modeling team but anyone who is interested can present. It will follow with everyone giving examples of how they approach this topic in their work or are attempting to do so in the future. Attendees should also bring up places where they have been blocked from moving forward with that technology or questions they have in general. The goal is to have a general discussion about the topic in a structured way that will increase the general knowledge of the group. Furthermore, it will inform the modeling team on what areas could benefit from deeper resources to the general community. The information gathered from these meetings will be documented within the NOAA FIT resources page for further use. We will end the meeting with decisions on the topic for the following month.