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MRIP Data User Seminars

NOAA Fisheries’ Marine Recreational Information Program will kick off a series of educational seminars next month. The training sessions will provide stock a...

Soliciting Abstracts for AFS 2021

We invite your participation in several symposia that may be of interest to you for the upcoming American Fisheries Society 151st Annual Meeting, November 6-...

Juliacon 2021

Juliacon 2021 is happening online July 28th to 30th with workshops starting on the 20th

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Since the NSAW/MARVLS meeting has been postponed, the associate Git training will be offered as a virtual version of the course (shorter, and less hands on).

GIT Training at NSAW

Chrsitine Stawitz, a member of the NSAP National Modeling Team, will be offering a Git/Github training on April 20, 2020 in coordination with this year’s Nat...

VAST 3.3.0

A new version of VAST has been posted to the github releases.

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AGEPRO 4.3.2

A new version of AGEPRO graphical user intreface has been posted to the github releases.

Fish and Fisheries

A preliminary portal to the NOAA Fish and Fisheries tools has been posted NMFS-Fish-Tools

Welcome to NOAA FIT NEWS

Welcome to the NOAA Fisheries Integrated Toolbox News site. Here we will be posting information related tot he toolbox. We are currently working on creating ...

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