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How do I create a NOAA approved GitHub Account?

For setting up individual accounts, go to Github and create an account with your NOAA email account.

User-specific Account info:

  • NOAA users must have a GitHub account using their NOAA email
  • They must have a photo of themselves associated with the account
  • They must use 2-factor authentication
  • They can only have NOAA related work under their account

Note: It is good practice that your GitHub user name for NOAA is FirstLast-NOAA, which clearly identifies it as an NOAA linked account versus a personal account.

What are the guidelines for creating a repository (“repo”) with my NOAA account?

Repository specific rules:

  1. Only allow write access to NOAA users
  2. All non-NOAA users can only have pull-request access
  3. Must include a disclaimer in the README
  4. Must include specific wording in License
  5. Must have a “gold standard” backup of the repo (this means that you must have a version of the code backup on a NOAA server)

Note: Anything you put on the GitHub servers (on a free or paid account) should not contain private or confidential information

How can I set administrative privileges on my repos?

One way to have more fine-grain admin privileges is to create an organization in GitHub and add repositories to the organization. Github allows more admin ability under organizations.

How can I report bugs or suggest enhancements to tools in the toolbox?

See Reporting bugs and Suggesting enhancements.

What’s the difference between RStudio Connect and a Shiny server?

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