RStudio Connect

The NOAA Fisheries Office of Science and Technology now has a limited RStudio Connect instance. In anticipation of this instance, the May 2021 Fisheries Integrated Toolbox Technical Meeting featured an RStudio Connect Demo for those planning to use it. The demo provides an overview of how NMFS scientists can use RStudio Connect for:

  • Simple shiny app deployments
  • Git backed publishing
  • Blastula
  • Model Deployments

Note: Only NOAA employees logged into their Google account will be able to view the above recorded demo. If you’re a NOAA employee and you’re having trouble viewing it on this page, you can watch the video in Google Drive, here.

More information about how RStudio Connect differs from other web hosting RStudio products (Shiny Server and here.

Please contact us if you’re a NMFS Scientist interested in using RStudio Connect to publish a web application.

More RStudio Connect Resources