National Protected Species Toolbox Initiative Publications

Through the National Protected Species Toolbox Initiative, NOAA Fisheries is developing quantitative analytical tools that will improve protected species assessments and better analyze impacts from human activities, research and development capabilities, and address critical management concerns. Below are publications associated with this initiative.

2021 Publications

Shelton, A.O., G.H. Sullway, E.J. Ward, B.E. Feist, K.A. Somers, V.J. Tuttle, J.T. Watson, W.H. Satterthwaite. 2021. Redistribution of salmon populations in the Northeast Pacific Ocean in response to climate. Fish and Fisheries 22: 503-5017

Egan K, TS Viehman, DM Holstein, M Poti, SH Groves, TB Smith. 2021. 2021. Predicting the distribution of Threatened orbicellid corals in the shallow and mesophotic reef ecosystems. Marine Ecology Progress Series 667: 61-81.

Patel SH, Winton MV, Hatch JM, Haas HL, Saba VS, Fay G, Smolowitz R. 2021. Projected shifts in loggerhead turtle habitat in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean due to climate change. Scientific Reports 11, 8850.

2020 Publications

Chasco, B., J.T. Thorson, S. Heppell, L. Avens, J. Braun-McNeill, A.B. Bolten, K.A. Bjorndal, and E.J. Ward. 2020. Integrated mixed-effect growth models for species with incomplete ageing histories: a case study for loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta. Marine Ecology Progress Series 636:221-234.

Chen, Y-H., K. Shertzer, and T. Shay Viehman. 2020. Spatio-temporal dynamics of the threatened elkhorn coral Acropora palmata: Implications for conservation. Diversity and Distributions 26:1582-1597.

Curtis, K.A., and J.V. Carretta. 2020. ObsCovgTools: Assessing observer coverage needed to document and estimate rare event bycatch. Fisheries Research 225.

Stock, B.C., E.J. Ward, T. Eguchi, J.E. Jannot, J.T. Thorson, B.E. Feist, and B.X. Semmens. 2020. Comparing predictions of fisheries bycatch using multiple spa- tiotemporal species distribution model frameworks. Canadian J Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 77.

2019 Publications

Hatch, J.M., H.L. Haas, P.M. Richards, and K.A. Rose. 2019. Life-history constraints on maximum population growth for loggerhead turtles in the northwest Atlantic. Ecol Evol 9:9442-9452.

Stock, B.C., E.J. Ward, J.T. Thorson, J.E. Jannot, and B.X. Semmens. 2019. The utility of spatial model-based estimators of unobserved bycatch. ICES J Marine Science 76:255–267.

Woodman, S.M., K.A. Forney, E.A. Becker, M.L. DeAngelis, E.L. Hazen, D.M. Palacios, and J.V. Redfern. 2019. ESDM: A tool for creating and exploring ensembles of predictions from species distribution and abundance models. Methods in Ecol Evol 10:1923-1933.

2018 Publications

Sharf, H.R, M.B. Hooten, D.S. Johnson, and J.W. Durban. 2018. Process convolution approaches for modeling interacting trajectories. Environmetrics 29.

Wilson, K., E. Hanks, and D. Johnson. 2018. Estimating animal utilization densities using continuous-time Markov chain models. Methods in Ecol Evol 9:1232-1240.

2017 Publications

Warden, M.L., H.L. Haas, P.M. Richards, K.A. Rose, and J.M Hatch. 2017. Monitoring trends in sea turtle populations: walk or fly? Endang Species Res 34:323-337.

Viehman TS. 2017. Coral decline and habitat loss in the Caribbean: Modeling abiotic limitations on coral populations and communities. PhD dissertation. Duke University.

2016 Publications

Scharf, H.R., M.B. Hooten, B.K. Fosdick, D.S. Johnson, J.M. London, and J.W. Durban. 2016. Dynamic social networks based on movement. Annals of Applied Statistics 10:2182-2202.

2015 Publications

Curtis, K.A., J.E. Moore, C. Boyd, P.W. Dillingham, R.L. Lewison, B.L. Taylor, and K. James. 2015. Managing catch of marine megafauna: Guidelines for setting limit reference points. Marine Policy 61:249-263.

Curtis, K.A., J.E. Moore, and S.R. Benson. 2015. Estimating limit reference point for western Pacific leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) in the U.S. West Coast. PLoS One 10.

Putnam, N.F., P. Verley, C.S. Endres, and K.J. Lohmann. 2015. Magnetic navigation behavior and the oceanic ecology of young loggerhead turtles. J Experimental Biology 218:1044-1050.

Putman, N.F., and K.L. Mansfield. 2015. Direct evidence of swimming demonstrates active dispersal in the sea turtle “lost years.” Current Biology 25:1-7.

Warden, M.L., H.L. Haas, K.A. Rose, and P.M. Richards. 2015. A spatially explicit population model of simulated fisheries impact on loggerhead turtles (Caretta caretta) in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. Ecological Modeling 299:23-39.